directed by
Patric Ullaeus.

Taken from
For their second video from A Sense of Purpose,
In Flames reached out again to director Patric Ullaeus to help capture the group’s explosive live energy in a no-frills performance video.

Read singer
Anders Friden’s comments.
"Our aim with this video was to make a straight-up video with the feel/touch of our live shows to it! I think a lot of people who have seen us at the European festivals this summer will recognize themselves and maybe some of the people who will see us live this fall will recognize themselves from the video.

We have worked with
Patric many times before on 'Take This Life', 'My Sweet Shadow', 'The Quiet Place', 'A Touch Of Red' and 'System', just to mention a few. Patric is the master of getting the best out of my ideas and visions that I get for new videos and he is also a good friend. Check out his other work here: "

In Flames and director Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company were honored in ‘best music video/director’ category at the Swedish Metal Awards for their ‘Alias’ clip.

FIREWIND 'Mercenary Man'
directed by
Patric Ullaeus

Taken from
“This is our third video with director
Patric Ullaeus, (In Flames, Lacuna Coil),” says frontman Gus G. “It was a great feeling going back to Sweden and working with him. When it comes to the visuals, he’s our man. When I think that I want us to look like a million dollars, I think of Patric.”

- We’d settle for looking like $250,000. How much is a flight to Sweden these days? and does anyone have Patric’s number?

“We basically did a couple of day’s worth of shootings in his
studio in Gothenburg,” continues Gus. “I love the editing of the band and the fact that he gave such a crystal clear look to this video. Since the song is talking about a mercenary going out to war, the story evolves around a soldier and includes some pretty incredible footage of fighting jets, helicopters and tanks — made in Sweden.”

All Hail Patric! Enjoy

DIMMU BORGIRThe Serpentine Offering’
directed by
Patric Ullaeus

Winner of
Norwegian Grammy.

Patric Ullaeus and Dimmu Borgir won The Spellemann Award for best video with ‘The Serpentine Offering’ in Norway.

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Norwegian symphonic black metallers
Dimmu Borgir and director Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company were honored in the “Best Video” category at the 36th annual Spellemann awards (the Norwegian equivalent to the Grammy Awards) for their ‘The Serpentine Offering’ clip.
The ‘
The Serpentine Offering’ video was shot by Swedish director Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company and was DIMMU BORGIR’s first promotional clip for their most recent album, ‘In Sorte Diaboli’.

Taken from
Patric Ullaeus won again 'Golden Gods' best video with Dimmu BorgirThe Serpentine Offering
A comprehensive list of your Golden Gods winners. Last night’s
Golden Gods awards ceremony at the Indigo2 was an overwhelming success, pulling in the biggest star names from the world of metal. Everyone from Kerry King, Ace Frehley and Max Cavalera to Kat Von D and Rita ‘Dimebag’ Haney showed up to pay homage to the biggest hitters in heavy metal.

Best Video:
Dimmu BorgirThe Serpentine Offering
Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company

SIRENIAThe Path To Decay
directed by
Patric Ullaeus

Taken from
“We had a great time in
Gothenburg shooting a brand new video for the song The Path to Decay, taken from our upcoming album. We worked with producer Patric Ullaeus, who has a big name in the scene, producing videos for many great metal acts. We are very satisfied with the end result and we look forward to share the video with all of you”

Morten Veland, Sirenia

EVERGREY 'Broken Wings'
directed by
Patric Ullaeus.

Taken from
Gothenberg, Sweden’s meloldic power metal veterans,
Evergrey, have Greyced us with the premiere of their new video for the song 'Broken Wings', from their latest album, 'Torn'. Read comments from frontman Tom S Englund and watch the video, which will debut on-air on Saturday’s 'Headbangers Ball'.

"When we decided to shoot a video for '
Broken Wings', we immediately felt that we needed some sort of storyline that would graphically show the frustration of the main character in the song. We knew that the director who could make this happen was Patric Ullaeus,

We’ve worked with him on several videos before, and he also shot our
Live DVD a couple of years back as well as videos for other artists like In Flames, Children of Bodom, Arch Enemy and Lacuna Coil.

I came to visit him one night, when he was editing the underwater scenes for the video, and when I banged on the door I scared him so much he thought his heart was going to jump out of his chest, he told me later. He was totally into the story with all these strange rooms, masks, rocking chairs and quite a haunting feel to it all.

We wanted the band shots to have an apocalyptic feel to them comparable to the vibe of the film “Sin City,” just so they wouldn’t stray too much from the story. The basic idea of it could be interpreted in different ways for different people, which is exactly what we wanted. Since all of our lyrics are based on things we’ve been through, I think it would be great if even one single person seeing it could get some comfort knowing that we all have difficult times and that they are not alone.

When I finally sat down to look at it for the first time, it hit me how much darker the video made the the song. It made me really feel for the female character in the clip. I hope it makes you do the same.

ARCH ENEMY 'Revolution Begins'
directed by Patric Ullaeus

Taken from
ARCH ENEMY’s new album “Rise Of The Tyrant” is being praised by media and fans alike, the band now presents you the impressive brand-new video clip for “Revolution Begins”! Directed by Patric Ullaeus (Dimmu Borgir, In Flames, etc.) from, the video approaches the song’s title & lyrics quite literally showing ARCH ENEMY and their guerrilla forces preparing a massive worldwide uproar driven by unrivalled metallic fury!

Arch Enemy’s Michael Amott comments:
“Check out our video for ‘
Revolution Begins’, it was a very enjoyable shoot and the visuals work great with the music – Patric Ullaeus is the man!

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