STCC | new films

Director Patric Ullaeus has been filming two new promotional STCC films for Sport&e - soon to be revealed.

EVERGREY in the charts

Evergrey has entered the charts at No.12 on the top viewed new music videos in the world.
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

EVERGREY | video premiere

Metal Hammer UK
“Evergrey have unveiled the brand new video for The Grand Collapse, taken from their latest album Hymns For The Broken. The epic, high-concept video comes from the mind of Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company and is one of the most beautiful yet trippy videos we've seen in a long time.”

New film for Sport&e

Director Patric Ullaeus has created a new film for Sport&e.

GUS G | Long Way Down

Gus G featuring Alexia Rodriguez ‘No Hope Left For Me’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus

GUS G | video premiere

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 21.31.49

BLUES PILLS | video premiere

Blues Pills ‘No Hope Left For Me’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus

IN FLAMES | concert film

The rEvolver crew is getting ready to film the In Flames concert in Scandinavium, Gothenburg, Sweden.

GUS G | new video

Director Patric Ullaeus has finished the work on the new Gus G video ‘Long Way Down’ featuring Alexia Rodriguez.

BLUES PILLS | promo pix

Photographed by Patric Ullaeus.

AT THE GATES | in the charts

AT THE GATES ‘Death And The Labyrinth’ directed by Patric Ullaeus is number 13 on the list of the most watched new music videos in the world.

AT THE GATES | premiere


Taken from Century Media Records pressrelease:
The time is come now to reveal AT THE GATES first promotional video clip for the song “Death And The Labyrinth”. Directed by Patric Ullaeus (In Flames, Arch Enemy, Lacuna Coil, etc.), the vibrant clip can be seen below.

AT THE GATES vocalist Tomas Lindberg checked in to comment on the video as follows: "We had a very special idea about the kind of approach we wanted for the first video from “At War With Reality”. What we needed was someone gifted enough to throw himself artistically into the project full on. The lyrics to the song are very multi-layered and surreal, so we wanted someone to create a fevered dreamworld that went with the melancholic frustration and dramatic desperation that we feel comes across in the song. This is exactly what Patric has created for us. It's his vision of the music and lyrics, which compliments the track perfectly in my opinion. I couldn't be happier!"

Director Patric Ullaeus added the following: "It’s always nice to work with creative artists who are like-minded. Ideas seem to flow easily. We had a lot of fun making our vision come true. Being on these amazing locations in Antelope Canyon, Arizona was truly an unforgettable experience."

AT THE GATES ‘Death And The Labyrinth’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

German viewers please click

BLUES PILLS | new video

Director Patric Ullaeus has finished the work on the new Blues Pills video.

NITRODIVE | album cover

Photo by Patric Ullaeus

AT THE GATES | new video

Tompa & Patric Ullaeus
Director Patric Ullaeus has now finished the work on the new At The Gates video. Looking forward to the premiere later this month.

IN FLAMES | promo pictures

Photo by Patric Ullaeus

EVERGREY | new video

At the location filming the new Evergrey video.

Amaranthe | top viewed new music video

AMARANTHE in the top of the most viewed new music videos in the world.

AMARANTHE | Drop Dead Cynical

AMARANTHE ‘Drop Dead Cynical’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

AT THE GATES | music video

Patric Ullaeus Tompa ATG
AT THE GATES is awesome :)

IN FLAMES | in the charts

IN FLAMES - in the top 10 of the most viewed new music videos in the world.

EVERGREY | king of errors

EVERGREY ‘King Of Errors’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

AMARANTHE | promo pictures

Amaranthe 2014 by Patric Ullaeus

IN FLAMES | through oblivion

IN FLAMES ‘Through Oblivion’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

In Flames Through Oblivion by Patric Ullaeus

IN FLAMES | rusted nail

IN FLAMES ‘Rusted Nail’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

ANTON EWALD feat MEDINA | premiere

ANTON EWALD feat. MEDINA ‘This Could Be Something’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

NitroDive | photosession

NitroDive2014 by Patric Ullaeus
Patric Ullaeus has start working on NitroDive’s new album cover.

Anton Ewald feat Medina | premiere

Anton Ewalds regisserad av Patric Ullaeus

EVERGREY | music video

Evergrey by Patric Ullaeus 2014_
Director Patric Ullaeus has start working on EVERGREY’s new video ‘King Of Errors

GUS G | guitar lesson

Gus G came to the Revolver Studio to make some awesome tutorials and here is the first episode:

The Gus G Tutorials are a series of guitar lessons from Gus where he shows you how to play step-by-step riffs & solos from the tracks off his solo album "I Am The Fire"!
In this 1st episode,
Gus teaches you how to play the title track.

Video created, directed & edited by
Patric Ullaeus |

Tourdates & Tickets:
Facebook: http://www.

EVERGREY | promo pictures

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 20.48.31
Photographer Patric Ullaeus shot promo pictures for Evergrey’s upcoming album ‘Hymns For The Broken


Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 15.08.16
coming soon...

rEVOLVER drone

Screen Shot 2014-06-18 at 00.05.07
Out and filming aerial footage in the Swedish archipelago.

IN FLAMES | music video

IN FLAMES came to work with director Patric Ullaeus on their first video for their upcoming album ‘Siren Charms

InFlames2014 with Patric Ullaeus_

IN FLAMES | promo pictures

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 20.47.48
Photographer Patric Ullaeus and the Revolver Crüe are creating new promo photos for IN FLAMES.

ARCH ENEMY | premiere

Patric Ullaeus once again captured the energy and chaos of this explosive song to complete Arch Enemy’s trilogy of War Eternal music videos.

ANTON EWALD | music video

Sweden’s Anton Ewald and Danish superstar Medina came to Gothenburg to work with director Patric Ullaeus on their new video ‘This Could Be Something’.

Anton Ewald Medina Patric Ullaeus _2014_web


Check out the premiere of the new SONIC SYNDICATE video ‘Before You Finally Break’ directed by Patric Ullaeus here at KERRANG Magazine.

ARCH ENEMY | Magazine cover

AE Pro Rock Bulgaria cover
Arch Enemy featured on the cover of the Bulgarian Magazine Pro-Rock.
Cover photo by
Patric Ullaeus.

SONIC SYNDICATE | music video

Sonic Syndicare Patric Ullaeus 2014
Sonic Syndicate came to Gothenburg today to work with director Patric Ullaeus on the new music video for their upcoming album.

ARCH ENEMY | Magazine cover

Arch Enemy featured on the cover of the Spanish Magazine Metal Hammer.
Cover photo by
Patric Ullaeus.

ARCH ENEMY | hits the charts

8th most viewed new video in the world
Arch Enemy hits the charts one day after the premiere of their new video ‘You Will Know My Name’ directed by Patric Ullaeus.

ARCH ENEMY | premiere

Arch EnemyYou Will Know My Name” clip was once again directed by the band’s long time friend and collaborator Patric Ullaeus.

Arch Enemy | photosession

Alissa by Patric Ullaeus
Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy from the photosession Patric Ullaeus had with the band.

GUS G | Magazine

Gus by Patric Ullaeus
Gus G in the Polish Magazine Gitarzysta. Photo by Patric Ullaeus.

AMARANTHE | photo session

Amaranthe3 1209
AMARANTHE came to the Revolver Studio to create photos for their upcoming album release with photographer Patric Ullaeus.

ARCH ENEMY | Magazine cover

Arch Enemy featured on the cover of the #90 edition of the German Magazine Legacy.
Cover photo by
Patric Ullaeus.

IN FLAMES | 2014

In Flames by Patric Ullaeus 2014
IN FLAMES has now revealed the first picture from the photo session they had with Patric Ullaeus for their upcoming album release ‘Siren Charms’. Be sure to check out

GUS G | exclusive

The Ozzy Osbourne axe man has released a new video from his debut solo album.
Gus G Metal Hammer UK 2014 Patric Ullaeus
The renowned heavy metal guitarist, who's played with the likes of Ozzy and Arch Enemy, has just released his debut solo album I Am The Fire. And to celebrate, we're exclusively streaming the brand new video for Eyes Wide Open. Shot by Patric Ullaeus (who has worked with everyone from Within Temptation to Children Of Bodom), it's a video of pure unadulterated shred from the guitar virtuoso. Click HERE.


Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

AMANDA FONDELL | new music video

Patric_Amanda 2014_studio
Amanda Fondell came to the studio to shoot here new music video with director Patric Ullaeus.

SONATA ARCTICA | new video

Patric Ullaeus Sony F3
In post production finishing up the new SONATA ARCTICA video after three days of filming.

1.000.000 views within 4 days

ARCH ENEMY ‘War Eternal’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

2nd most viewed new music video in the world 2014
2nd most seen new music video in the world this week.

having a blast 2014
Arch Enemy’s Alissa White-Gluz, Daniel Erlandsson and director Patric Ullaeus having fun on the set of ‘War Eternal’.

ARCH ENEMY | hits the charts

top video of the week again
Great start for the new ARCH ENEMY video ‘War Eternal’ directed by Patric Ullaeus.

Great Start for Arch Enemy 2014

ARCH ENEMY | premiere

ARCH ENEMY ‘War Eternal’
Directed by Patric Ullaeus |

Having fun @ work


In post


ARCH ENEMY | promo photos

Arch Enemy 2014 by Patric Ullaeus
ARCH ENEMY 2014 line-up.
Photo by Patric Ullaeus

EUROPE | Wings Over Sweden

Director Patric Ullaeus filmed EUROPE’s Wings Over Sweden concert in Sundsvall, Sweden.

GUS G | premiere


GUS G ‘I Am The Fire’ featuring Devour The Day
Press release from Century Media:
The glamorous clip, which was once again directed and produced by
Patric Ullaeus | (Within Temptation, In Flames, Lacuna Coil, Europe, etc.), is now being premiered via the website of UK’s Metal Hammer Magazine here
Gus G. checked in to comment about the video as follows: “Hey everybody! Check out the brand new video for "I Am The Fire"! Filmed both in Sweden and the US, this is a very different performance clip from anything else I've done in the past. Devour The Day are some of the most creative musicians I've ever worked with and Patric Ullaeus gave a very cinematic approach to the clip. I hope you dig this! Enjoy!”
The US group Devour The Day, who team up with Gus G. on this remarkable track, added the following comment: “We are so honored to be a part of such a diverse and incredible record! “I Am The Fire” was an opportunity to bring so many influences and styles together with an open minded approach lyrically. "I Am The Fire" is from the perspective of passion itself and I love that. It drives us all.”